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Michaela's Cat Humor and Joys
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 I am currently the smallest in our home, but I provide one of the most important parts of care for all our cats and kittens. After they have had their first Vet visit and are found pysically stable I provide them with lots and lots of love and attention. I also help prepare their care kits when they are ready to go to their new homes.

  A  Happy Cat
 Now hear this! You may live in this Dwelling with me, but keep in mind your sole purpose for existing is to care for me. I pray God keeps you able to do so. Feed me well and promptly so I may find a quiet place to lie down and stare at you. If that happens to be on top of the television set, do not keep trying dislodge me even though my tail is in the middle of the picture. I expect full run of the premises including the kitchen table. I will sniff your food only to see if I prefer it to mine. Brush me twice a week, pet me often as you wish, but I can do with the idiotic statements you utter as you do so. When I bump my head against your leg or cheek, it means I accept you as part of my environment. Keep in mind that if I thought the lady next door would feed me better, I'd be out of here in a minute. If your looking for loyalty, get a dog. .......Meow

A Beauitiful Sight

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