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 Characteristics of the Ragdolls

Ragdolls truly deserve their names.The name implies to Ragdolls' tendency to relax all their muscles and go limp in your arms.They are docile,friendly,sweet,loving,and gentle.
Ragdolls are "people oriented" cats who love to be with their humans,they tend to attach strongly to their owners,they thrive best in pairs for they should not be left alone.
Ragdolls are calm,yet moderatley active and like to play.They get along with other animals and children and rarely use claws while playing.They have a very trusting nature,most are willing to allow you to place them on their backs and carry them like babies,and unlike most cats they like their tummies rubbed.
Ragdolls are usually not very "talkative" and they have a quiet voice.Yet they have a large vocabulary not only putting to use the common meow and purrrrrrrr! but adding chirps', squeaks' and growls"!
Ragdolls are less stubborn than most cats and tend to be easily trained. They can learn tricks like retriving toys, rolling over,and begging. They are easy to train to a leash. Ragdolls in general are not destructive in their homes, and are easily taught to use a scratching post for their clawing enjoyment,and they do love their toys. 
 Ragdolls are low maintance when it comes to caring for a long haired feline, due to their lack of undercoat which also gives them that ever so soft feeling when petting them. They shed very little,and matt very seldom with proper care. Ragdolls are slow to mature Phsically obtaining full maturity between 3 and 4 years old. Altered males may reach 15 to20 pounds, females will weigh about 5 pounds less. The most wonderful feature of all beautiful blue eyes.
These are only common Qualities in Ragdolls and just like in any other breed they do not apply to all of them, every Ragdoll is truly an individual!

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