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 In the early 60's a woman in Riverside, California, by the name of Ann Baker created the RAGDOLL by breeding what was believed to be a white female persian- type cat to a sealpoint Birman. One of the male offspring was then bred to a female Burmese. This was the foundation for the RAGDOLL.
Allthough their have been further findings from Lorna Wallace, Robin Pickering and David Pollard in their book,'The Guide To Ragdolls' 
published by Ragdoll World UK.
At the time Ann had been borrowing one of Josephine's older sons to sire progeny in her black persian program. This son had the appearance of a Black/Brown Persian and she named him Blackie, and it was one of her visits to borrow him that she saw  Blackies brother. He appeared most immpressive and in Ann's words had the appearance of of a Sacred Cat of Burma,{The Birman Breed}. Having already established the owners trust, she was also permitted to borrow this cat to breed with one of her own females. she was most taken with  this son of Josephine and named him Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks. What Ann clearly states is that Blackie and Daddy Warbucks are both sons of Josephine, but differant sirers. In the IRCA booklet it would appear to indicate that Blackies father was a black cat from the East, that appeared more persian than Burmese. during detailed Questioning, Ann confirmed that no one had ever seen the father of Daddy Warbucks, and he was the only kitten in that particular litter of Joesphine's. This being so , makes it difficult to take the origins of the breed further.
The Ragdoll was first recognized as a pure breed in 1965 by NCFA{now defunct}. The following that achievement Ann did nothing further  the RAGDOLL in the fancy. Fortunately, a new breeder a husband and wife team bought a pair from ann and realized the breed had to be shown and accepted by varios associations in the fancy. RAGDOLLS are accepted today in all associations.   However , some associtions do not allow Ragdolls in cetain patterns to compete.

 Our Ragdoll History
We Began our Ragdoll Cattery from the love of our Baby faced Blue eyed Himlyans after I had bred my pair of Hims for four years began researching color pointed cats which led me to the most wonderful cat imaginable the beloved Ragdolls what a wonderful felines. Our first Kitten came from Purrfect Dolls in Illinois, a beautiful blue mitted girl. Our first boy a perfect Seal mitted came from Mourningdove he Championed his very first show coming from the lines of :Classicat Thomasine and Mourningdove Zhivago He is our CH Mourningdove K Marqe Of Jramm Jewels. This pair gave us our  Seal Lynx Point Jem and our sires :JrammJewels Saphire A blue point mitted/along with our ever so handsome Jramm Jewels Prince Solitaire a Seal point Bicolor Who we are looking foward to showing. We also have cats from the Sentimental Dolls lines from across the border in Canada our first a beautiful blue point bicolor female our C Q from the lines :Sentimentals Be Steel My Heart and MoonlightWaltz.  We also got our Vonjo Oh My Darling a seal lynxpoint mitted from the lines of Vonjo Bo Jangles and Basketfull Sebrina of Vonjo and one more girl we were excited about our flame points: Sentimental Flame of Jramm Jewels  coming out of the lines of: Dollhouserags Ceamcicle and Weepurrs Fire Mountain; and  our Tickle Mystic Fire of Jramm Jewels who is from the lines of Dreamdolls/Trexdolls.  So with all these wonderful lines and colors we have some wonderful plans for our ragdoll Future.

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