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 All about our Home & Pets

  We live in Jamestown, N.Y.and we have many pets and not all of them are cats, although some of them are very special cats. My mother had owned cats and kittens when she grew up, and continued when became an adult. Her first home was not complete until she adopted Pepsi. He is a Mainecoon Mix and the senior cat of the household at 18 years old. Then there is Bud a grey locket who is going on 15 years old. His name fits him to a tee because he has never hissed or growled at new cat or kitten.We had a white mix cat that mom rescued because she had a copound fractured right leg. Although her front leg was amputated she did well for eight years until her health gave way. All our animals are provided with Love ,food, Vet care and shelter.
Then Moms love for Cats grew and we got our first pair of baby faced Seal Point Himalayans Roma and Maxoneinamillion, Then came Shopie Blue our blue point Himalayan. Now they are all pets, two of which we still own. Shopie got a home when she had her last litter, the people who came to get her kitten fell in love with her too.
Now Mom breeds Ragdolls and Dad has Bengals; I find both breeds of cats are wonderful even though their qualities are different as day and night.
Some of our other pets would be our shelties, Lady and Fudge Cookie and our little Pom Mix Mufasa (all are fixed).We also just got a new addition to our family. He is a Yorkshire terrier puppy named Bailey. He is very cute. We have a parakeet, Fish,  we have had Hamsters, a Dwarf rabbit and I still have my golden lop bunny, her name is Goldie Girl. I love all our animals although there has been HEARTACHES.
And even as they leave to a new loving home and get older.  We love all of them.Out of all the cats I love the most is my cat Shell Seeker . She was mine as soon as I picked her out of the last litter of Sophie Blue our "retired cat" in a new home.

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