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Jramm Jewels Cattery

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Welcome and Thank You For Visiting Us !!

We are a Cattery that strives to have the best  Ragdoll and Bengal kittens available. We take great pride in the care and affection we give our Cats and Kittens. We are located in Western New York about 65 miles south of Buffalo, NY and 50 miles East of Erie, PA.  We welcome visitors to our cattery and even encourage them to come see our beautiful feline friends and their living area. Please take a tour of our Web site to see the Kittens and Breeder Adults that we have posted in the following web pages.
Thank you!!!

Click here to see our Ragdoll Kittens That are Available Now

Click here to see our new litter of Bengal Kittens That are Available Now

Click here to see the Adult Cats we have for sale


A  Special Thanks! To everyone at Falconer Veteninary Clinic. They help make sure that our Feline friends stay healthy and give our kittens  the best start in life. Our Vet's are Dr. Patrica Fales and Dr. Mary Fales, who are always there when we need them(day or night). They Provide the highest Quality care for all our pets.

Thank You !!


To Visit Falconer Veterinary Clinic's site!! Click Here!

Jramm Jewels Cattery
John  Triscari
Jamestown, NY




It would be our pleasure to provide you with a beautiful Ragdoll. Ragdolls are very special cat. The Ragdoll color patterns can be so soft as a cream, yet bold as a Seal Mitted. Ragdoll fur is so soft and plush that you can't pet them enough.  The Ragdolls coat shedds very little, once they are full grown. If you brush your Ragdoll once a week you should nver have problems with matts.
Ragdolls stay at your side and make great companions. Ragdolls will follow you around from room to room to be in the same space as you. Ragdolls are very affectionate creatures by their nature.

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